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A European Internet Portal on Violence Prevention in School

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Short description:

VISIONARY is an International collaborative project on violence prevention in schools, addressing teachers, pupils, parents and experts.

Violence in school, juvenile violence and crime have been among the major topics in our countries - Denmark, Finland, Germany, Portugal and the UK - in recent years. Though not as dramatic as presented in the media, the amount of violence has been rising constantly in the last few years and has wide-ranging effects on our society.
In all our countries we have a huge and constantly
growing number of approaches, materials, web sites, mailing lists etc. focusing on violence and violence prevention. So, one large current problem is not a lack but rather an "oversupply" of approaches that makes orientation difficult and sometimes discourages practitioners.

In the VISIONARY project we have not developing new concepts or approaches on violence in schools. Rather, we have collected and structured information that we have found on the Internet and provided a platform which facilitated the search for information.
Furthermore our web site aimed at
networking our users - teachers, parents, pupils, experts and anyone searching for information about violence in schools - at a national and international level.

is an acronym for "Violence in school - intelligence on the net - applying resources for youngsters". The development of the web site has been supported by SOCRATES / MINERVA, a programme of the European Commission.
VISIONARY team consisted of more than 20 people from five countries - Germany (project co-ordination), Denmark, Finland, Portugal and the UK. We have been a team of psychologists, pedagogic experts, teacher trainers and technicians. All of us have either expertise in the field of violence in schools and/or new technologies.

Later on a subsequent project has been implemented. The "VISIONARIES-NET" project - a cooperation of experts from Germany, France, Spain and Romania - has brought together persons engaged in violence prevention in school and aims to making them learn from one another. This has been realised by conducting online conferences with experts and practitioners as well as by initiating the formation of an International online community on violence prevention in schools that builds on the VISIONARY portal, the precursor project of the project.

Client, sponsoring institution:

European Commission, SOCRATES / MINERVA

Life of the project:

Sponsored developing time 2000-2003

Further information, external links:
  • International project site (http://www.bullying-in-school.info is not online any more)


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Jäger, Th., Bradley, C. & Rasmussen, M. (Eds.) (2003). Violence Prevention in School Using the Internet: A European Perspective. Landau: Verlag Empirische Pädagogik.


Jäger, T. & Balzer, L. (2002). Visionary (Violence in schools - intelligence on the net archives of resources for youngsters): an European information and communication platform on violence in school. In A. Estrela & J. Ferreira (Eds.), Indiscipline et Violence à l'Ecole, Actas do XI Colóquio (AFIRSE/AIPELF) (pp.652-659). Lisboa: Universidade de Lisboa.



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